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Our IR35 Protect cover is a market-leading insurance product available as a stand-alone policy or as an add-on to our core business insurance package. It primarily protects limited company contractors from the potentially crippling costs that can arise from an IR35 enquiry, including defence costs, taxes, interest and penalties deemed payable by HMRC.

Now that the IR35 reform is here, this cover is unique in its ability to flex. It covers whoever HMRC deems liable in an IR35 investigation – whether that’s you, your end client, or your recruiter – offering peace of mind throughout the supply chain. See prices below or get a quote from one of our brokers by filling out the call back form on this page. Please note that you need an up to date outside IR35 status determination in order for your IR35 Protect policy to respond in the event of a claim.


We provide IR35 status reviews using the award-winning Kingsbridge Status Tool, which is exclusive to us. At this time, we are the only IR35 solution provider combining an automated review process with in-house consultancy support for borderline cases to give you the most accurate IR35 result and guidance available.

You can also refer your recruiter or end client to our IR35 consultancy team to discuss their off-payroll approach. Scroll down or click here to find out more about our IR35 Status reviews.


Our Legal Expenses cover is included in our IR35 Protect cover as standard but is also available as an add-on to our core business insurance package.

This policy provides cover for legal defence and professional fees relating to IR35 investigations, tax, PAYE and NIC investigations, contract disputes and personal injury claims.

You also get the benefit of a debt recovery service and cover for loss of wages while you’re off work for jury service. Scroll down to find out more.

Legal Expenses (Insurance Only)

Legal and professional fees relating to an IR35 investigation


Cover for tax, PAYE and NIC investigations, contract disputes, personal injury claims, identity theft, jury service and a debt recovery service.

IR35 Protect (Essential)

Legal Expenses cover


Cover for taxes, interest and penalties for IR35 investigations. The policy flexes to protect the party held liable by HMRC in an IR35 investigation, whether this is you or your fee payer.

IR35 Protect (Premium)

Legal Expenses cover


IR35 Protect cover


Unlimited access to the Kingsbridge Status Tool

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Our hybrid status review tool puts the best expertise and support into one place. A single review costs just £50 or, if you purchase our IR35 Protect PREMIUM package, you get unlimited access to the tool.

  • Get an instant IR35 report that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your engagement.
  • Download your IR35 Result and report containing specific feedback on your answers.
  • Any indeterminate results will be manually reviewed by our IR35 consultancy team who will contact you to discuss your review.

The Kingsbridge Status Tool has been developed by Andy Vessey, Head of Tax at Kingsbridge. Andy has defended more IR35 investigations than anyone else in the industry so you can rest assured that the logic driving it is based on key factors from real life IR35 enquiry cases.



  • When will I get my IR35 results?
  • If you don’t get an instant inside or outside IR35 result through our automated tool, our IR35 consultancy team will assess your answers and get back to you within 5 working days. Please note that the cut-off time to submit your assessment within a ‘working day’ is 5.30pm.

  • Is my IR35 result legally binding?
  • Our IR35 tool was created and is overseen by experts that have been working in the IR35 arena for decades, and we can provide a thorough, accurate IR35 result. However, the IR35 legislation itself is built on case law, and as such no status determination is legally binding – not even from HMRC’s own CEST tool.

    • Can my IR35 result change at a later date?
    • Yes – much like when you see IR35 tribunal appeals produce a different outcome depending on the Judge, your IR35 status could be re-reviewed at a later date and change. This only usually happens with very borderline cases however, and we’ll highlight problem areas for you to work on to avoid this possibility.

      • Is an IR35 status review the same as a contract or working practices review?
      • No, all three are different products. A status review via the Kingsbridge IR35 tool will ask a set of expertly crafted questions that take into account a 360 view of your contract and working practices to produce an automated, instant answer (in most cases). A contract review only looks at your contract terms and a working practices review only looks at – you guessed it – your working practices. In most cases, a status review will give the most accurate employment status determination based on the information you provide.

      • What happens if my IR35 status review produces an inside result?
      • If you land inside IR35 don’t worry – there are things that can be done to change your determination. We’ll highlight problem areas that have caused the inside result and suggest you speak to either your recruiter or end client to collaboratively amend them. You can then get another review to check if your amends have been sufficient to change your determination.

      • Do you include recommendations on changes to my contract or working practices?
      • Not explicitly, but we do highlight problem areas within your answers and are happy to offer guidance over the phone (this is usually necessary for borderline cases in particular). It’s then for you and your recruiter or end client to work together to make sure you’re safely outside IR35.

      • Can I speak to the assessor about my IR35 status?
      • If you would like to discuss your review, you can email ir35reviews@kingsbridge.co.uk. Borderline cases will usually need at least one conversation with the assessor to help you properly understand the issues with your employment status. IR35 Protect policy holders have access to an IR35 helpline available to answer any questions you may have, we also offer in-depth, free guides on our Knowledge Hub that may be able to help you.

      • Can you liaise with the end client or agency on my behalf for any amends?
      • Our IR35 status tool has been specifically designed to provide an IR35 result that is usable for clients, recruiters, and contractors alike. Your IR35 report will give you key areas to work on and we recommended taking this back to your client to discuss any changes required. You can refer them to our IR35 consultancy team who will be happy to talk to them about their approach to IR35.

      • What happens if I only fix some of the IR35 problems that you've highlighted?
      • Often just changing one or two problematic aspects of your contract or working practices is enough to swing the needle. You very rarely see a ‘perfectly outside IR35’ set of circumstances – as long as the ‘outside’ points outweigh the ‘inside’ you should be fine. Once you think you’ve made enough changes, or you’ve made as many as your client will agree to, it’s always best to get another review to check if your results have improved.

      • Will you re-review my IR35 assessment after I've made changes, or do I need to purchase another one?
      • If you opt for the Premium IR35 Protect package, you’ll be able to take advantage of unlimited IR35 status assessments. If you’ve bought a standalone assessment and get a borderline result, our IR35 expert team will review your answers and provide a detailed response regarding the problem areas. If you agree changes with your client, we will amend your assessment and re-review your position provided these changes are made within a reasonable time period and the basic arrangements are still the same.

      • Are there any circumstances in which my IR35 Protect policy may not be valid?
      • You need an up to date outside IR35 status determination in order for your IR35 Protect policy to respond in the event of a claim. Provided your IR35 status has been assessed and found to be outside IR35 via the Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool, or another approved reviewer (Brookson, Champion, and Larsen Howie for retro cover), our cover will be valid.

      Full terms, conditions and exclusions can be found here.