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Off-Payroll Protect: for businesses who engage contractors

Need peace of mind when taking on new contractors? Off-Payroll Protect allows you to do exactly that.

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Why off-payroll reform affects businesses

Off-payroll reform was introduced in April 2021 in the private sector, shifting the responsibility of determining IR35 status from limited company contractors to medium and large size end clients. The tax liability sits with the fee-payer (i.e recruiter) in the supply chain. whilst the responsibility of determining IR35 status is the end-client (i.e. businesses who engage contractors via agencies).

IR35 changes in legislation: the role of your business

Despite your best efforts to be totally compliant with the off-payroll legislation, HMRC may still open an investigation to ensure you are meeting your obligations. Therefore, it could happen to any business engaging with contractors.

This risk of being subject to an investigation is amplified where you are both the end client and the fee-payer. To support businesses, Kingsbridge offer comprehensive insurance to protect your business from HMRC, and the costs associated with legal defense and any tax liability.

In addition to our IR35 Status Tool, we offer Off-Payroll Protect – an IR35 insurance that meets the needs of businesses and recruiters alike, providing peace of mind and ensuring you are covered in the event of an HMRC investigation.

An IR35 insurance solution that mitigates compliance and tax risks

Off-Payroll Protect policy covers two core elements:

  • £100,000 of cover per contractor for professional fees to defend an IR35 status enquiry.
  • £100,000 of cover per contractor for Tax & National Insurance liability, interest and penalties in the event your contractors are deemed inside IR35.

Other key benefits include:

  • Covers all parties in the contractor supply chain
  • 6-year extended reporting period following the initial policy period
  • Underwritten by Accredited (First Underwriting), an A-rated insurer
  • High acceptance criteria for contractors (turnover up to £500k) 
  • No occupation restrictions, allowing you to cover all contractors.  
  • Contractors are insured monthly giving full flexibility over fluctuating contractor engagements
  • Confidence and peace of mind when engaging outside IR35 contractors

A policy that goes the extra mile

Irrespective of whether you engage contractors directly (and are therefore both the end client and the fee-payer), Off-Payroll Protect will provide cover for legal defence costs and protects your tax liability risks.

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Why choose Kingsbridge?

Kingsbridge has been offering exceptional IR35 insurance and compliance solutions since 2001. We currently work with over 50,000 contractors; and our IR35 solutions have been implemented by over 4,200 end-hirers and more than 400 recruitment agencies since 2021.

We don’t just provide insurance – our team of IR35 experts are dedicated to helping all parties in the contractor supply chain to overcome challenges, providing advice and support that’s second to none. Kingsbridge’s Head of Tax, Andy Vessey, has successfully defended over 550 IR35 enquiries and is now handling some of the very first Off-Payroll enquiries.