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IR35 Status Tool

Determine the IR35 status of Personal Service Companies easily with our industry-leading offering.

  • Instant determination of IR35 status
  • Accessed via your own online portal
  • Guaranteed outcome on status
  • IR35 dispute management system
  • Role assessments
  • Protect against fee-payer risk – All determinations are insurable by an A-Rated Insurer
  • Consultancy and support from industry experts

The Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool

To provide end-clients, recruiters and contractors with a fair and accurate way of determining IR35 status, we have created the Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool. With an award-winning portal and process developed by our Head of Tax Andy Vessey, has been created based on critical factors from real-life IR35 enquiry cases, with Andy drawing on his vast experience of defending more than 550+ IR35 cases successfully.


Protecting Risk?

A major concern for recruiters and end-clients when hiring contractor workers is the risk of getting it wrong. Its therefore critical that your supply chain has the right support and determination process enabling them to accurately determine IR35 status.

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The Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool offers:

  • Complete access

    Complete access

    Complete access via our award winning online portal allowing you to flexibly adapt your portal and process to meet the needs of your supply chain.

  • A hybrid approach

    A hybrid approach

    A hybrid approach to status determinations, combining an automated process through the digital portal with the in-house expertise on offer from the Kingsbridge team This combination enables quick and easy IR35 determinations to be accurately conducted.

  • Instant determination

    Instant determination

    Instant determination defining IR35 status. Any borderline cases where there is not a clear result are escalated to Kingsbridge’s team of market leading IR35 experts.

  • Guaranteed outcome

    Guaranteed outcome

    A determination is provided in 100% of outcomes meaning supply-chains can have confidence that status will always be provided.

  • Role assessments

    Role assessments

    Separate Role based and full assessments.

  • IR35 dispute management system

    IR35 dispute management system

    An embedded dispute resolution process, presenting the opportunity for transparent challenges of status by recruiters or contractors.

  • Reassessment process

    Reassessment process

    Reassessment process allows you to quickly queue or conduct reassessment of status to ensure regular compliance.

  • Protect against fee-payer risk

    Protect against fee-payer risk

    All determinations are insurable by an A-Rated Insurer, providing that additional peace of mind for recruiters, clients and contractors alike.

Insight across the supply chain

Being able to check the IR35 status of contractors through a straightforward process provides your supply chain with the level of insight they need with fewer headaches. And with market leading consultancy and training from the Kingsbridge team available, from the moment you enter the details of a contractor they are in safe hands.

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Harnessing the Kingsbridge Status Tool as a Recruiter

If you are looking to harness the capabilities of our IR35 tool, or you are finding your current IR35 status assessment process to be difficult or inefficient, then Kingsbridge’s Status Tool is the perfect alternative.

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