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June 2024:

In a major development, the Reform UK party has proposed abolishing IR35 rules to support sole traders, recognising the unique challenges faced by Britain’s self-employed. This proposal aims to reduce administrative burdens and provide greater operational freedom for sole traders, who often work longer hours and take more risks without the benefits of pensions or sick pay.

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New HMRC measure: Adjusting PAYE liability for IR35 non-compliance

In a significant update to IR35 regulations, HMRC has introduced a measure effective from April 6, 2024, that impacts PAYE liability calculations in non-compliance cases.

This policy allows HMRC to offset taxes and National Insurance contributions already paid by a worker and their intermediary against the deemed employer’s PAYE liability. This change aims to rectify the over-collection of tax and National Insurance in cases of non-compliance with off-payroll working rules.

Who it affects

  • Individuals providing services through intermediaries, such as Personal Service Companies (PSCs).
  • Medium and large-sized clients, partnerships, and public authorities engaging these workers.

Key changes

  • HMRC will now consider taxes already paid by workers and intermediaries when assessing PAYE liabilities for deemed employers.
  • This approach aims to distribute liability costs more fairly between workers and deemed employers.

Implications for businesses

  • Businesses engaging workers through intermediaries may see reduced PAYE liabilities.
  • The measure fosters a fairer tax system, acknowledging taxes already paid by workers.

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