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Essential IR35 cover for businesses

Our comprehensive, market-leading IR35 insurance policies cover the fee-payer and businesses that engage with contractors either direct or via an agency.

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Why do you need IR35 Insurance?

There are two main reasons why HMRC open IR35 compliance checks. Firstly, to ensure that the correct amount of tax is being paid; and secondly, to ensure businesses are complying with their tax obligations.

Nobody knows HMRC’s risk assessment criteria for selecting businesses who will receive IR35/off-payroll enquiries, so it could happen to anybody. It is therefore essential to have insurance in place that protects your business from HMRC, and the costs associated with legal defense and tax liability.

Why choose Kingsbridge?

Kingsbridge are a market leading authority on IR35 and Off-Payroll legislation. We’ve been providing insurance and compliance products to the contracting supply chain since 2001. We work closely with a variety of contactors, businesses and recruitment agencies to provide a range of comprehensive IR35 services and expert support.

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