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The best podcasts for freelancers

A few weeks ago, we took a look at the 7 blogs every freelancer should be reading. And while we still…

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A few weeks ago, we took a look at the 7 blogs every freelancer should be reading. And while we still love sitting down with a cuppa and catching up on our favourite blogs, we’re really feeling the screen-fatigue after nearly a year of lockdown. Enter: the podcast.

With podcasts, you can take the wisdom and advice of fellow freelancers and enjoy it anywhere – to distract you from the pain of your run, as background to a few admin jobs or to amuse you on your commute. With Dinghy’s list of freelancer-focused podcasts, you can even lie back in a hot bubble bath and call it work.

Here’s what we’ve been listening to.

Out of Office Podcast

Dinghy fave (and occasional guest contributor to this blog) Fiona Thomas started up this podcast during lockdown. It strikes a nice balance between informative and educational content about how to run a successful freelance business, with more personal and introspective episodes that reflect on issues like work cultures and self-confidence.

Her tips are always innovative yet actionable, and there’s the occasional special guest to add new insight into proceedings as well. As this is a relatively new podcast there’s not a huge amount of episodes to catch up on, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Being Freelance

Being Freelance is a UK-based podcast and community-led by Steve Folland, who is out to tell us that “you’re not alone being freelance”. Each week he invites a guest onto his show to tell their own story of freelance life.

We love the way that this podcast offers a deep and personal perspective on freelancing, showing the unique talents and viewpoints of freelancers from all over the world, while ultimately proving that we face a lot of the same struggles. It’s inspiring and entertaining stuff, ideal for those days where you’re feeling a bit isolated or you begin to wonder why you thought going freelance was a good idea.

This podcast will lift your mood, and you can also join the community to find some new BFFs (Being Freelance Friends!). The podcast is currently on its 13th season so there’s plenty to catch up on.

The Janet Murray Podcasts

Marketing expert Janet Murray has built her empire on really understanding how to create online growth and social media engagement for your brand, products or services – and her podcast is where she shares all of this insight.

Episodes are packaged up by topic, so if you need help troubleshooting a specific aspect of your business, you’ll be able to search her archives and find guidance. She’s got guides on everything from LinkedIn to getting press coverage.

Janet has just decided to pull the plug on podcasting, so from mid-March onwards, there won’t be any new content – but there are over 400 episodes in her back catalogue so there’s plenty of happy (and useful) listening to be had here.

Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic is the podcast from photographer Sara Tasker aka Instagram superstar Me and Orla. Sara is the UK’s leading authority on Instagram, so if this is the social media platform that you need some tips on, definitely take a listen. This podcast is full of special guests offering new perspectives on freelancing and the content is really wide-ranging as a result.

There’s the usual how-to guides, which are presented in a relaxed and conversational manner. Some episodes focus on the personal qualities and emotional aspects of being a freelancer. And there’s also a focus on wider social and political issues like fast fashion, diet culture and anti-racism – encouraging us to think beyond our freelancer bubble.

Clients from Hell

A quick scroll through the archives of Clients from Hell has always been an easy way for us to give ourselves a quick laugh. Designers and other freelancers anonymously contribute their stories of the times when clients have been unreasonable, ungrateful or just downright awful.

Accompanying this therapeutic airing of grievances, however, is a smart and useful podcast where guest freelancers and entrepreneurs share their business experience and advice with host Kyle Carpenter. It’s US-based and there’s a huge back catalogue to catch up on if you’re short of listening material.

The Accidental Creative

Accidental Creative is the brainchild of Todd Henry, an author, speaker and consultant who specialises in bringing out the best in creative people. His podcast is packed full of tips for maximising your potential, allowing yourself creative space and getting the most out of your working hours.

While it’s not just aimed at freelancers, there are plenty of episodes that focus on useful stuff like marketing, collaboration and communicating effectively. There’s also The Daily Creative – a 2-3 min podcast that offers a daily tip – ideal if you’re short on time but want to benefit from Todd’s wisdom.

We love this podcast because it opens up a space for self-reflection and forces us to think about the way we’re working.

One of the things that we love about podcasts is that you can have them on in the background while you get on with other things – like those small admin jobs that are part and parcel of freelance life. One thing that might be on your list is to update your business insurance.

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