Kingsbridge has been providing insurance and compliance solutions to the contracting supply chain since 2001. We currently insure 50,000+ contractors and since April 2021, our IR35 software and product suite have been adopted by more than 400+ recruitment businesses and 4200+ end-clients, providing peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the contractors they engage are compliant and protected against IR35 risk.The introduction of IR35’s off-payroll working rules to the private sector in April 2021 shifted the responsibility of IR35 status determinations from the contractor to the end-hirer, whilst the fee-payer now assumes the tax liability. In most cases, this will be a recruitment agency taking on the accountability and liability of unpaid taxes.

Award winning insurance

Kingsbridge provides market leading IR35 insurance that insures any ‘outside IR35’ status determination. Our IR35 insurance policy covers the party HMRC deem liable following a successful challenge of IR35 status. This means that whilst protecting the fee-payer, we also extend cover to the end-client within the supply chain in any event of them being reclassified as the fee-payer, giving further peace of mind and protection putting your business in a better position to engage outside IR35 contractors.

IR35 enquiries come with potentially massive costs, with everything from penalties applied by HMRC through to defence costs, taxes and interests added to the list of potential unwanted expenditure.

Our IR35 policy therefore provides two primary sections of cover:

  • £100,000 of cover per contractor for professional fees to defend an IR35 status enquiry.
  • £100,000 of cover per contractor for Tax & National Insurance liability, interest and penalties in the event your contractors are deemed inside IR35.

Additionally, the prospects of success clause will be met when using the Kingsbridge Status Tool.

Key benefits

  • Provides peace of mind against IR35 risk
  • Can be purchased by the fee-payer
  • Covers both the fee-payer and end-client
  • Gives you the edge over competitors when placing contractors
  • Allows you to work closely with clients to establish IR35 compliance and protection against the risk

Keep the best talent on your books

The introduction of IR35 to the private sector is something end-clients, recruiters and contractors alike have had to adapt to. And the majority of contractors wish to work in roles in which they remain outside IR35.
Just 14% of contractors have said they would be happy to start a role with an inside IR35 determination. As a recruiter, ensuring you are able to offer outside IR35 roles has therefore become all the more important.

If you as a recruiter are not providing outside IR35 roles with suitable protection, there is a greater chance of losing talented contractor clients to other agencies. This means taking positive steps and getting the right cover to protect your contractor clients is very important.

Taking advantage of Off-Payroll Protect from Kingsbridge

As a recruiter, harnessing the benefits of Off-Payroll Protect from Kingsbridge is a straightforward process. You will be invoiced each month based on the number of outside contractors you disclose to us. The Kingsbridge team will then ensure that all listed contractors are covered by the policy.

To get moving with Off-Payroll Protect from Kingsbridge, simply complete a proposal form and our team of experts will create a bespoke quote for your business.

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