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5 reasons the Kingsbridge Status Tool is the best IR35 solution right now

Somehow, it’s nearly the end of the year. That means we’re just a few short months away from the private…

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Somehow, it’s nearly the end of the year. That means we’re just a few short months away from the private sector IR35 reform and the headache that comes with it for contractors, recruiters and end clients alike.

For something as complex as IR35 legislation, it feels like there can be no silver bullet. But what if we told you there is a comprehensive, 360, end-to-end IR35 solution that can support the needs of everyone in the contracting supply chain?

Here are 5 reasons why the Kingsbridge Status Tool is the best IR35 solution right now. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say about our IR35 service too.

1. It’s easy to use – and we’ll show you how

“I love the IR35 tool! Kingsbridge have helped me so much with making sure I’m comfortable with the tool and know all of its capabilities,” says Ambra John, Contract Relationship Manager at CPS Group. “As a company, we’re confident to share this with our clients, it’s easy to explain, complete and it gives the best result that makes you feel safe.”

Our tool is simple to use and we’ll demo it for you to make sure you’re all set up to go. Our specialist support team can also offer training for you and your team on all things IR35 if you want to shore up your expertise and knowledge. Plus, if something comes up that you need advice with – there’s a dedicated IR35 helpline to answer all your questions.

2. It’s the only hybrid solution on the market

“The Kingsbridge IR35 solution provides a great mix of IR35 expertise, automation and insurance,” says Ben Broughton, MD/Owner at Premier Group.

Our online status tool is smart and fast. It asks between 29-34 carefully worded questions to produce an assessment of the status of the contractor/end client relationship, a result that comes to you within minutes.

But sometimes, cases are more complex, or you’ll want to double check a decision. That’s why the Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool is supported by in-house consultancy from IR35 experts. For any borderline decisions, one of our specialist team will conduct an in-depth review then advise on determination. You also have the option to request a review of any outcomes that the online Status Tool produces.

3. It takes a 360 degree view

“Mane Contract Services Ltd have recently partnered with Kingsbridge to provide ourselves, our clients and our candidates with a great end-to-end IR35 assessment tool and a support service backed up by IR35 experts,” Andy Pearson of Mane Contract Services says.

Our IR35 status tool and support service take in every aspect of the contract and working relationship in order to provide a full view of the engagement to produce an accurate result that everyone can be confident in. This protects everyone in the contractor supply chain – end client, recruiter and the contractor themselves.

4. It’s designed – and informed – by the experts

“The tool is a godsend when it comes to the complications of IR35 and the customer service that comes with it cannot be faulted!” Ambra John finishes.

Andy Vessey is our IR35 guru, a man with nearly 40 years’ experience in the tax system and a former HMRC inspector. He’s dealt with 500 IR35 cases through the courts and won almost every single one. He’s the MVP of IR35 and we’re really proud to have him batting for our team. The status determinations produced by the tool are designed around his legal expertise and he heads up the team that provides users with support and guidance for complex cases. So, you know that your IR35 support will be at the top of its game.

5. It’s backed up by insurance

“We believe the insurance provided to all parties on any ‘outside IR35’ determinations is a massive differentiator between the Kingsbridge service and everyone else offering IR35 assessment and support,” adds Andy Pearson.

We’re confident in the combined power of the Kingsbridge Status Tool and our accompanying expert support. However, to give everyone in the supply chain that extra reassurance, the Kingsbridge IR35 solution also includes complete IR35 insurance. This protects contractors, fee payers and end clients alike from the costs that might be involved in an IR35 investigation, including defence costs, legal expenses, contract disputes, debt recovery and any taxes, interest and penalties that HMRC may find payable. By combining a rigorous IR35 assessment process with a bespoke insurance solution, the entire supply chain has peace of mind.

“The tool is user friendly, it looks great and if you combine that with the Kingsbridge training, consultancy services and IR35 insurance that protects the entire supply chain, I really believe it is the best solution out there,” reiterates Ben Broughton MD/Owner of a global recruitment agency

If you want to join the ranks of happy customers, relieved that their IR35 struggles are being taken care of, then you can book a free demo on our website so we can show you how it all works. Alongside giving you the run-down on how to use the Kingsbridge Status Tool, we’ll also send you a copy of our IR35 guide which details the “need-to-know” aspects of the new legislation and outlines the expert support Kingsbridge can offer.

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