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4 reasons why you shouldn’t attend our next IR35 webinar

Kingsbridge is hosting an IR35 webinar to help you prepare for the off-payroll reform, which will include an exclusive demonstration…

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Kingsbridge is hosting an IR35 webinar to help you prepare for the off-payroll reform, which will include an exclusive demonstration of our award-winning IR35 status determination software.

During the webinar, we’ll also reveal insights gathered from our recent IR35 survey ‘Preparation for Off-Payroll’, provide an in-depth analysis of the current contracting landscape, and finish with a live Q&A where you get a chance to speak directly to our in-house IR35 experts.

Here’s why you shouldn’t register.

Valuable industry insights from our IR35 survey results

Back in June we conducted an IR35 survey to get a better understanding of where recruiters were in terms of their off-payroll preparations. We asked things like how much influence recruiters felt they had over their clients, how many would be actively guiding their clients through the IR35 prep process, how they would prepare differently this time around, and what tools they use (or are considering using) to make sure their contractors are assessed accurately and fairly.

During the webinar, we’ll be drilling down into the results and offering an in-depth analysis of our findings, as well as providing quotable stats and helpful snippets that could be used to support all kinds of content.

Of course, none of this knowledge would be particularly useful to any other recruiters or end clients in the industry – work harder, not smarter right? Definitely not worth turning up for.

Exclusive demo of the award-winning Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool

Recognised as top of its class by the Broker Innovation Awards this year, our tool is a best-of-both off-payroll solution. We’ve combined the expert knowledge of our in-house IR35 consultants with an automated assessment tool to provide a quick, easy, and accurate status result.

With our status tool you’ll get:

We’re on the cusp of launching said status tool and are hosting an exclusive, live demo as part of the webinar. However, it does beg the question: why outsource a complete end-to-end off-payroll solution when you can do all the legwork – from having to learn the legislation and liaise with both contractor and client to carrying out every individual status determination – yourself? Yeah, makes no sense to us either.

You’ll get an overview of our market leading IR35 Protect insurance

IR35 Protect and Legal Expenses cover is our market-leading insurance product, available as a stand-alone or an add-on to our other business insurance packages.

This insurance protects limited company contractors from the potentially crippling costs that can arise from an IR35 investigation – including tribunal defence costs, legal expenses, contract disputes, debt recovery, and any taxes, interest, and penalties that HMRC may find payable – while it’s still their liability pre-reform. It’s also designed to flex come the April 2021 reform deadline to cover end client IR35 liability too, offering peace of mind throughout the supply chain.

During the webinar, we’ll be explaining exactly what IR35 Protect covers, how recruiters can make their contractors a safe bet when it comes to clients, and the different package levels available. That said, you don’t want to be filling too many contracts (despite still coming out of lockdown and staring down the barrel of the IR35 reform) right? Better steer clear…

You’ll get expert guidance on how to prepare for the new off-payroll rules

Our in-house IR35 team have a combined experience that totals just over two decades and spans big-name competitors and industry leaders across the private sector. While there is no ‘degree’ in IR35 per se, our experts are about as qualitied as you can be in the off-payroll arena.

The team is led by our Head of Tax Andy Vessey ATT, who has been deeply involved with IR35 since its inception back in 2000 and has personally defended more than 500 IR35 cases, winning almost every single one. Most recently, he successfully represented Jensal Software Ltd at the First-Tier Tax Tribunal in their highly publicised IR35 appeal. During the webinar, you’ll get to speak to Ryan Dawson (our IR35 Project Manager) who’s worked directly with Andy, and has been heavily involved in the development of our status tool. Alongside Ryan, Andy Robinson (Head of Business Development) will provide you with insights from our latest IR35 survey and give you the everything you need to know to provide your end clients and contractors with the tools they need to ensure a smooth transition come April 2021.

Not only will the above bona fide experts be talking all things off-payroll, but you’ll get the opportunity to speak to them directly with a Q&A to round off the webinar. You probably know all about the workings of IR35 and how to get ready for the reform anyway – in fact, I bet you can’t think of a single question you’d ask if you got the chance – so probably not worth signing up for some free, instant consultancy live on air.

Whatever you do, don’t register today to secure your spot.

When: 12:30pm – 1:30pm, Thursday 3rd September

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