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What does trust mean as a contractor?

We recently saw a report on a survey compiled by CV-Library which revealed the most and least trusted professions in…

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We recently saw a report on a survey compiled by CV-Library which revealed the most and least trusted professions in the UK. 1,200 UK workers were surveyed and the results were intriguing.

Most trusted:

  1. Doctor (61.3%)
  2. Nurse (40%)
  3. Teacher (36.9%)
  4. Paramedic (36.5%)
  5. Police (23.2%)
  6. Armed forces (20.8%)
  7. Vet (16%)
  8. Scientist (14.3%)
  9. Judge (13.2%)
  10. Hairdresser (8.4%)

It seems that we associate trust with professions that are there to protect our best interests (73.4%), are there for a good cause (71%), are reliable (64.5%), and are friendly (16.2%). With that in mind, it’s no surprise to see vocational roles topping the list, particularly those based in healthcare, education, and law enforcement.

Least trusted:

  1. Politicians (78.1%)
  2. Journalists (37.7%)
  3. Car salesmen (27.4%)
  4. Telesales (23.6%)
  5. Bankers (22.8%)
  6. Paparazzi (21.6%)
  7. Estate agents (14.6%)
  8. Recruiters (13.6%)
  9. Lawyer (8.7%)
  10. Bailiffs (6.7%)

The least trusted list isn’t that surprising. It seems we don’t trust professionals with perceived lack of morals (66.4%), greed (62.1%), unreliability (56.5%), or those who are considered irritating (26.6%).

Here in the Kingsbridge offices, we’re very happy to see that insurers didn’t make that particular top ten! (In fact, we have a Gold Trusted Service Award 2019 from Feefo so you know you can trust us.)

How do you foster trust as a contractor?

As a contractor or freelancer, it’s vital that your clients trust you. After all, you’re a third party who will either be coming into their offices or working remotely on their project and they’ll be paying you for it. They need to feel secure that you’ll do a good job and won’t just take their money and run.

If you want to help clients know they can trust you, here are our top three tips:

  1. Be reliable

This really should go without saying, but the best way to foster trust is to do what you’ve said you’ll do when you’ve said you’ll do it. Once a client sees you deliver what you promised, when you promised, they’ll know they can trust you.

  1. Communicate

Ghosting clients is one of the quickest ways to destroy trust – especially if you’re working remotely. If you’re using project management software, keep it up to date and give them access so they can see where their project is at. If not, use emails to send regular updates and reports. If they contact you, respond as soon as you can and don’t leave them hanging.

  1. Be honest – even when it’s not good news

Always be honest with your client so you can manage their expectations and avoid looking as if you’re going back on your word. If a deadline is unrealistic, tell them. And if you have to deliver bad news, don’t dress it up. Just be honest. They may not be happy, but they’ll appreciate you telling them the facts.

Here at Kingsbridge, we’re always honest with you. So, if you want someone you can trust to sort out your contractor insurance, visit our website.

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