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Why you should ask your clients to review your services

When was the last time you bought something without checking the reviews first? Whether it’s a new shirt for you,…

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When was the last time you bought something without checking the reviews first?

Whether it’s a new shirt for you, a toy for the kids, or a sofa for the living room, we bet you scoured the customer feedback for points about quality, sizing, and customer service. Similarly, the last time you had to hire a plumber or a builder, you probably looked for recommendations either online or by asking your friends and neighbours. Reviews give you confidence that you’re spending your money wisely, and they are a vital part of shopping for any product or service, so why wouldn’t you seek them out for your limited company?

We understand, of course, that the idea of opening yourself up to reviews can be a bit scary. What if you get a negative one? What if you have to mither clients for their feedback? How do you even showcase them?  These are valid questions and, naturally, would give way to some professional anxiety, but we’re here to talk you through exactly why client reviews are great – and how to gather them.

Reviews can refine your services

Positive or negative reviews are always helpful as they give you a chance to discover any teething problems and make improvements. If you had any big problems on an engagement, it’s likely that you’ve already addressed it and worked it out with the client before getting to the end of the contract, so it’s doubtful that reviews would contain any nasty surprises. But, for instance, smaller issues such as a client wishing you’d kept in more regular contact with them, can be caught in the review process and worked on for next time.

Reviews show you’re willing to learn

As a contractor, you may well be an expert in your industry sector – that’s why you were hired in the first place. However, there are so many elements of running a limited company that orbit the actual job you do that there is always room for improvement. These include aspects such as communication, managing paperwork, reliability, and flexibility – all of the things you would rate a service on yourself. Giving a client the opportunity to review your services demonstrates to them that you’re open to suggestions and willing to take on feedback, and that you’re driven by professionalism and not ego.

Client reviews can get you more work

Reviews and testimonials can be a great way to make your business more legitimate in the eyes of potential clients, assuming you make them public. Imagine you were searching for a new hairdresser and your local Google search gives you one with several positive reviews and one with no reviews at all. You’d probably assume the one with no reviews was inexperienced or perhaps not very good, and would focus your energy on the one with reviews. The same principle goes for most services, so you can see how having visible reviews can lead to more work as they increase the confidence of potential clients.

How to gather client reviews

Gathering reviews can seem a bit daunting. No one wants to be chasing up a client for feedback that they may not have time to give. However, you can make giving reviews easy for your clients, while also targeting potential new business. For instance, if you mostly network via LinkedIn, ask clients to use the LinkedIn Recommendation service. You can request that LinkedIn asks specific people for a review, so they get a notification inviting them to give a recommendation.

Another way to do it is to use services such as Feefo or Google Reviews. With Google, clients can leave a review directly on your business profile and you can manage and reply to them using Google My Business. Services such as Feefo or Trustpilot can email clients asking for a review and allow you to display reviews and your star rating on your website. It’s worth noting that these types of services typically charge a fee. If you prefer reviews not to be public or want to simply take quotes to use on your site, you also have the option of sending a short survey to clients with a couple of questions about your service. Just remember to add checkboxes acquiring their permission to use the review on your site.

The impact of reviews

The Kingsbridge team understands the impact of reviews because we pride ourselves on our customer service. This year we’ve been awarded a Platinum Trusted Service Award by Feefo “for consistently delivering excellence” and this shows in our reviews.

“Georgina was fantastic with my questions and answers, and that’s why I took out my two insurances with your company. Absolutely first class, can’t thank you enough Georgina.”

“The guy I spoke to was very knowledgeable. My field is quite unusual and he was able to provide me with the perfect cover.”

“Jordan was polite, professional, time-efficient, and certainly knows his stuff. 100% would recommend.”

We know that your contractor insurance is a big purchase and that you want to speak to people who know what they’re talking about and understand your needs. We’re proud that our customer feedback reflects that we provide this and shows just how amazing our staff are.

If your contractor insurance is coming up for renewal and you’re in the market for professional indemnity cover, public liability and any other business insurance, you can speak to our team about our insurance for contractors, with peace of mind that they know their stuff. Give them a call on 01242 808740.

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