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Looking on the Bright Side: Optimistic News for Contractors

This morning my local news station reported that today’s top story was ‘rain’. I felt immense sympathy for those who…

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This morning my local news station reported that today’s top story was ‘rain’. I felt immense sympathy for those who have been affected by the recent downpours, whilst also admiring BBC Points West for their efforts to pad out an, otherwise slow, news day. In KPSol’s corner of the South West the sun is making a tentative appearance and news is anything but slow, so we’re looking on the bright side with some positive news for contractors.

Significant Opportunity for Oil and Gas Freelancers and Contractors

Many of those who are covered by KPSol’s Freelancer and Contractor Insurance work in the Oil and Gas industry and might like to take a look at Decomworld’s North Sea Decommissioning Market Sentiment Report. They’ve identified an opportunity for Freelancers and Contractors working on North Sea projects as many Oil and Gas installations reach the end of their life expectancies.

From a survey of over 100 offshore experts almost half estimate the decommissioning market to be worth in excess of £40 billion with contract opportunities set to rise significantly.

REC Report Speaks out for Freelancers and Contractors

The REC’s (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Flexible Work Commission was formed to explore the business case for flexible working, having established that Freelancing, Contracting and other flexible working options were a significant factor in keeping people in work during the financial crisis.

Their recently published 2012 report makes encouraging reading as they speak out for Freelancers and Contractors, ultimately stating that the government needs to do more to support this vital sector of the UK’s workforce.

The report suggests tax reforms aimed at encouraging flexible working, rather than creating obstacles for Freelancers and Contractors (such as IR35) and makes a recommendation that the proposed Controlling Persons Legislation should be ‘scrapped’.

Hopefully we’ve brightened your day with some positive news. If you have an opinion on any of these stories why not join in the conversation and add your comments.

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