Everything You Need To Know About Public Liability Insurance

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Ross Pounds
22nd Jun 2020 @ 07:45 am

A little while ago we wrote about Professional Indemnity insurance - what it is, why you need it, and what a claim against you might look like. Today we're presenting the second installment of the series and discussing Public Liability Insurance.

What is it?

This one is simple to explain, and a necessary part of any insurance package. Public liability insurance will cover you and your business for any inconvenience you may cause a customer or client. If damage is caused or goods are lost while work is being carried out then you'll be covered.

Do I need it?

Yes – it's an essential part of safeguarding you and your business. Not only will it ensure you don't have to pay significant amounts for damages, but you'll also demonstrate to your customer that you have their convenience and safety firmly in mind.

We all know that accidents can happen.  Let's say someone slips on your oily floor and hurts an ankle, or you spill some tea all over a client's new phone. Simple mistakes, but you could be held liable and it could quickly become expensive. As a freelance contractor you have a duty to protect anyone who might be affected by your activities, and with public liability insurance you'll be able to do that whilst also ensuring that you and your business are covered against any claim. If you don't, and someone is injured or property is damaged as a result of your actions, then you could become legally bound to pay them compensation.

How does it work?

There isn't a legal limit to the level of public liability insurance a freelance contractor is required to hold, but it's likely you'll require at least £5,000,000 in public liability cover to comply with the contractual obligations of your client or agency. Always make sure to check the amount they require with them first before purchasing your policy.

Do you have any example claims?

A site engineer accidentally kicked over photographic equipment in his care and control. His policy covered the costs of providing replacement equipment.

A self-employed I.T. technician was working at a customer's site. They accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee and its contents poured down the back of a computer, damaging it beyond repair. The customer sued the I.T. technician for the cost of a new computer.

About Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance

Our insurance package is specifically tailored to the unique needs of those working on a contract basis. Our dedicated team understands the requirements of contractors and freelance professionals, and we'll provide you with a fuss-free and friendly service that'll allow you to go about your work safe in the knowledge that you're adequately protected should anything go wrong.

The most common insurances held by contractors and freelance professionals are professional indemnity insurance, public liability, and employers' liability. Alongside these Kingsbridge offers personal accident cover and directors' and officers' liability as standard, all in one easy to manage package.

We guarantee you won't find such a comprehensive insurance product at equivalent value anywhere else on the market. Kingsbridge have been looking after contractors and freelancers since 2001. If you'd like to purchase a policy, or simply discuss your insurance requirements in further detail, feel free to get in touch on 01242 808740 or at info@kingsbridge.co.uk. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, and you get an instant insurance quote at our website.

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