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Enhance your profitability as a freelancer with these 4 tips

We’ve put together these four tips to help you increase your profitability as a freelancer. Read on! Build a digital…

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We’ve put together these four tips to help you increase your profitability as a freelancer. Read on!

Build a digital portfolio

Being able to showcase your past work through a high-quality online portfolio will help you secure new business. Being able to show potential clients that you’re able to deliver something that gets results is essential for any freelancer.

The time spent building and perfecting a portfolio is worth it. How many times have you been persuaded into a purchase after reading a whole host of great reviews? The concept is similar when it comes to case studies and portfolios.

It might seem difficult to sing your own praises to start with – but if you don’t, who will? It’s the best way to secure a new client.

Understand who your client is

If you don’t understand who you should be approaching and targeting with your marketing, how will you ever find them? Time is precious as a freelancer, so use it wisely.

Simple knowledge of a free tool like Google Analytics, or a bit of research into your industry if you’re just starting out, is crucial. Understand what the ideal client looks like. What job title/position are they most likely to hold? Who is the decision maker? Maybe it’s the Marketing Manager, CEO or the Managing Director?

Whoever it is, figure it out before you waste time and money targeting the wrong people.

Network as much as you can

Networking with other freelancers is invaluable. You learn from their mistakes and adopt their best practices. But, perhaps most importantly, you’ll become a trusted freelancer others can approach when they’re snowed under and need support on a project. Making these connections can be the difference between increasing your profits and, well, not.

Never view other freelancers as competition. They are a helpful network of like-minded individuals likely to extend the arm of friendship and the possibility of extra work.

If you’re struggling to find likeminded freelancers search Facebook and LinkedIn groups and join freelancer platforms. These platforms usually come with a forum section, where others share their experiences and ask for advice.

Don’t be everything to everyone

Trim your services down to those you’re confident you can not only deliver, but deliver to a superior quality. There are many freelancers out there, so it’s going to be tough to get heard. Focus on your specific skillset and offer that and only that.

Stick to what you know,  even if it means your audience pool is halved – at least those who come searching for your service will find someone who is highly skilled.

Have you ever considered insurance? If your answer is a resounding ‘no’ then why not swing by our ‘Why Us?‘ page? It tells you all about the legal costs you could be exposed to as a freelancer.

Make sure you’re clued up, or you never know – further down the line you could find a claim being made against you!

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