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5 best apps for contractors and freelancers

There are lots of apps out there that are useful to contractors and freelancers, helping you keep your workload, business…

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There are lots of apps out there that are useful to contractors and freelancers, helping you keep your workload, business admin and even mental health in check. However, the sheer number of them can be a little overwhelming so we’ve rounded up some of our favourites.

Task Manager: Swipes

Out of all of the task manager apps available, Swipes is one of our favourites. Available as an iOS, Android and web app, the task manager takes the pressure off by only showing you tasks you have on that day.

So instead of being faced with an overwhelming list when you open it up, you only see what you have to do right now – although it’s easy to look at and amend your scheduled tasks too.

Gmail and Evernote integration allows you to add tasks straight from your inbox or notes and, best of all, it’s free.

Project Manager: Trello

Trello is a well-loved project manager due to the impressive list of features included in the free plan and an intuitive interface. It’s ideal for organising projects that are a little too big for a simple task manager, or where you want to include other collaborators.

Once you’re signed into Trello (on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire or web) you can create a Trello board for your project with lists for ideas, to do, doing and done. Simply create a card for each project task and pop it in the appropriate list.

You can even add checklists, photos and other helpful bits – as well as inviting people to collaborate with you

Organisation: Dropbox

Dropbox has been around for a good while now but it’s still worthy of a mention here as a fantastic organisation tool. Available as a web app and on iOS and Android, Dropbox lets you sync files across your devices as well as sharing them with others.

The free plan gives you 2GB of space as well as sharing options, while Pro and Business plans give you even more functionality for a monthly fee and it ultimately means that you don’t ever have to worry about leaving your flash drive at home again.

Travel: App in the Air

Depending on your area, your contracting career may entail a lot of travel, which can be extremely complicated – especially trying to organise it yourself without an assistant.

App in the Air is a personal flight assistant available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and it keeps your flights organised in one place so you can see when you are due to check in, board, take off and land – even taking into account last minute changes at your airport.

Self Awareness: Moodnotes

As a contractor or freelancer, you may well be working from home a lot, which can get lonely and leave you feeling isolated. Moodnotes, which is currently only available on iOS, helps you track your mood from day to day and check the thoughts that may be bringing you down.

It allows you to analyse your feelings and see what the root cause of them is. So if you are regularly feeling lonely or isolated, you can identify this and begin to take action helping you, in turn, to do your best work.

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