Why Us?

Starting out on your own? Not sure who to listen to or who to trust? Or maybe you just want to speak to someone who understands your needs whilst providing a fuss-free, friendly service? That's where we come in. Having the freedom that comes with working for yourself can be a great thing, but it'll only feel great if you've got the right people watching your back. Choose us and we'll look after you.

At Kingsbridge we've designed our core product with the needs of contractors and freelance professionals in mind. It's been developed to include cover for all of the main exposures that could affect your business. All you need to do is to check that the limits provided meet the requirements of your contract.

Business insurance can often be unnecessarily complicated. Not with us. It's our goal to understand you, and to provide a product that perfectly suits your needs. Choose Kingsbridge as your insurance provider and you'll get:

  • One package, full cover
  • The best value cover for the lowest possible price with our Price Promise
  • An A-rated insurer
  • Instant access to documents
  • A dedicated UK team
  • Policies for on and offshore workers
  • Cover for previous work
  • Flexible payment options
  • An IR35 indicator
  • Tax deductible business expense
  • 5 Insurance products in one easy to manage package
  • Quick and easy to buy online
  • Comprehensive policy limits
  • Coverage of an extensive range of professional occupations


Our insurance package has been specifically tailored to meet the demands of the modern contractor and freelance professionals. Our policy offers five insurance products in the same package:

Professional indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for the financial consequences of professional negligence. If a client alleges you've made a mistake, or if you've made an error whilst working, then your legal defence costs, as well as any damages awarded to the claimant, will be covered, allowing you to get on with the important business of running your company, safe in the knowledge that you're protected. Read more by clicking on the link above. You're covered for:

£1 million any one claim (unlimited in the aggregate)

Public liability

Public liability insurance provides cover for any damages awarded to someone because of an injury or damage to their property caused by a freelance contractor or their business. It'll also cover any related legal fees, costs, or expenses. There isn't a legal limit to the level of public liability insurance a freelance contractor is required to hold, but it's likely you'll require at least £5,000,000 in public liability cover to comply with the contractual obligations of your client or agency. Read more by clicking on the link above. You're covered for:

£5 million any one claim (unlimited in the aggregate)

Employers' liability

We know what you're thinking here: why do I need employers' liability when I don't have any employees? One word: compliance. Employers' liability insurance is a compulsory insurance for all employers with limited exceptions in law. For some contractors, holding insurance is a legal requirement. The employers' liability legislation requires all employers to provide legal liability cover for their employees in case they suffer injury as a result of their activities. Clients and agencies will often insist on proof of your cover arrangements, and usually request employers' liability, public liability and professional indemnity. We know it can be frustrating, but we include it to make sure you're fully covered, that you tick every box, and that you can work for anybody you like. Read more by clicking on the link above. You're covered for:

£10 million any one claim (unlimited in the aggregate)

Directors' and officers' liability

As a self-employed professional contractor and director of your own company you can be held personally liable for any number of reasons. If someone thinks you've not been playing by the rules then they can take legal action against you. Directors' and officers' liability cover will provide for legal defence costs and will protect your financial assets. If your business is accused of financial mismanagement, of a legislative breach, of a health and safety failure, or of breaching company law, then your policy steps in. Read more by clicking on the link above. You're covered for:

£100,000 any one claim (and in the aggregate)

Occupational personal accident cover:

If you're injured as a result of an occupational accident and are unable to work, then the chances are you'll be looking at a significant financial loss. With personal accident cover, you'll be paid a weekly benefit whilst you recuperate, no matter who's to blame for the injury. On top of that, should your accident leave you with a permanent disability, or cause your death, a lump sum will also be paid out. Read more by clicking on the link above. You're covered for:

Weekly benefit:

up to £500 payable for maximum of 52 weeks

Personal accident death and disablement cover:

up to £100,000


Being a freelance contractor is great. You've got cups of tea on tap. You work for who you like, and when it suits you. But, as much as there are benefits, you're also open to greater risks. Take a look at the questions below. Do they apply to you? More than likely. We've got you covered on every angle:

Do I give professional advice?

Will I get paid if I'm injured at work?

Do I employ my spouse?

Do I visit my clients' premises?

Do my clients visit me?

Do I have legal duties operating a limited company?

Do I need funds to defend against any actions made against me; even unfounded ones?


We'll start with a little bit of history. Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance formed in 2007 in order to respond to a change in the law, and to provide a truly dedicated service to the freelance and contractor clients who'd been a key part of Kingsbridge Risk Solutions Limited since it began in 2001.

In the years since then we've gone from strength to strength, firmly establishing ourselves as experts in freelance and contractor insurance.

At Kingsbridge we're constantly stepping into the ring and competing against other brokers much bigger than ourselves, but we're not afraid to punch above our weight. Our position allows us to truly understand our client, and to dedicate time to providing unique service solutions. We're often described as a 'boutique' insurance broker, acting for many quoted and significant private clients, and that suits us just fine.

We're committed to excellence, and to always providing the best possible service across the board.

Kingsbridge Risk Solutions Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our FCA reference number is 309149 (the FCA can be contacted through its website www.fca.org.uk)


You're already visiting www.Kingsbridge.co.uk. That's our first port of call for any information you might need, but if you can't find what you want, or if you have a specific enquiry, we'd love to hear from you. You can use our ringback form, email us at info@Kingsbridge.co.uk, or speak to a member of our team on 01242 808740. You could even send us a letter. Who doesn't love getting something in the post? Write to us at:

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