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Kingsbridge Group Announces Paul Havenhand Will Succeed James Twining as Chief Executive Officer

Kingsbridge Group, the UK’s leading provider of specialist insurance services to skilled contractors, freelancers and the recruitment industry, announced today…

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Kingsbridge Group, the UK’s leading provider of specialist insurance services to skilled contractors, freelancers and the recruitment industry, announced today that Paul Havenhand has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Kingsbridge Group. Havenhand previously served as Managing Director of Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance.

Havenhand will continue leading Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance and Dinghy UK, in addition to overseeing Kingsbridge Insurance Brokers, the company’s leading broking and risk management firm. Throughout his 25-year career, Havenhand has served in many leadership and product development positions, including Managing Director roles at Towergate Insurance and Head of Insurance for the Post Office Insurance subsidiary (POMS).

“It’s truly an exciting time at Kingsbridge as the business is well positioned for growth and expanding our range of services. It was a pleasure working with James and partnering to formulate a strategy to move the business forward. Kingsbridge is very much a people-first business. While technology is a great enabler for our business, we prioritise relationships with our clients and partners. Our recent Platinum Service Feefo Award is a testament to our team and their commitment to deliver exceptional service each and every day.”

Havenhand added, “Technology is central to our plan for 2022 and beyond. A significant seven-figure investment in our technology, distribution channels and marketing has led to a business laser-focused on delivering an exciting and transformational strategic plan. I’m proud to be leading this business at such a crucial and exciting time in our Kingsbridge story.”

Kingsbridge Group was acquired by U.S.-based NSM Insurance Group in March 2020. NSM is the industry’s premier provider of speciality insurance programs. The company has built more than $1.3 billion in premium across 25 speciality insurance programs and brands in the U.S. and UK.

“We thank James for the instrumental role he played leading the business through a very successful period of growth that led to NSM’s acquisition,” said Geof McKernan, Chief Executive Officer of NSM Insurance Group. “We have strong confidence in Paul and the Kingsbridge management team and their ability to leverage current market conditions, diversify our product offering and take this new strategy forward to drive the next phase of the business’ growth.”

About Kingsbridge Group

Kingsbridge Group has grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist insurance and solutions. Its Contractor Insurance and IR35 services support a growing contingent workforce of contractors, freelancers and gig workers, through its Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance and Dinghy brands. It is also one of the leading providers of specialist brokerage services to corporate clients in the utility, recruitment and other industries through Kingsbridge Insurance Brokers.

Kingsbridge now services over 50,000 customers — working with 500+ partners and through its own online distribution channels. This growth illustrates the success of Kingsbridge’s strategy to position itself to benefit from the long-term shift in the UK economy away from permanent roles toward a more flexible workforce — allowing companies of all sizes to access highly skilled professionals when they need them.

The Kingsbridge Group, which employs 100 people, is headquartered in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, and has offices in London, Liverpool and Birmingham. Kingsbridge is owned by NSM Insurance Group, the leading provider of speciality insurance programs in the US.

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