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The Kingsbridge Status Tool is one of the best IR35 solutions currently on the market, but we’re not ones to rest on our…

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The Kingsbridge Status Tool is one of the best IR35 solutions currently on the market, but we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. We’re constantly improving the tool to make sure our contractors, partners, and end clients are getting the very best service and we continue to live up to our award-winning name.

Whilst most planned new features are intended to make the tool a more ‘complete’ experience, we occasionally need to update the tool to allow it to cater for legislative requirements (as demonstrated in this round of updates) too. The tool will continue to evolve over time, to ensure all status determinations are as accurate as possible. We built this tool to make your IR35 compliance process a walk in the park, so we’ll also actively ask for feedback whenever possible – if you have any features you’d really like to see in the future, please do let us know.

So, what updates and new features have we got coming up?

Dispute Resolution

We will shortly be introducing a status dispute and resolution management system through the tool itself. As the need for a client-led dispute resolution is a legislative requirement, this is an essential update to keep you compliant.

This system will include:

– an automated notification of when a dispute is raised or resolved;

– automatic reproduction of an SDS if it has been edited;

-commentary from the end client as to why they are upholding the result or amending the result

– as appropriate; . clear flagging of reviews that are being disputed; and

– active reminders at 14 days and 7 days before the end of the 45-day dispute window.

Reporting & Tagging

It’s clear from previous feedback that there are a few things we can do to make reporting and tagging within the tool much more useful and intuitive. In response, there are three main aspects that we’re updating:

Login screen contractor tracking 

A much-requested feature – we’ll be overhauling the main login screen to make it immediately clear where your contractors are in their status determination journey. We’re including filters to the progress screen to allow you to pick and choose the information presented to you, and also giving the ability to ‘archive’ results so you can keep your queue nice and tidy.

Custom tags  

The updated tagging system will allow you to attribute custom ‘tags’, as defined by you, to certain entities – namely The Contractor, Users of the Tool, Completed Reports, and Role-Based Assessments. This means you’ll be able to set up custom reports on whatever is most important to you and your team. Additionally, you’ll be able to edit, transfer, or delete tags individually or in bulk.

As an example, you could tag a contractor as ‘North London’, ‘IT Contractor’, and ‘Important’ and then subsequently produce a report using any/all of those tags for all Contractors that match. Much handier for keeping tabs!

Tailored reporting feature 

A one-size-fits-all approach would be impractical with the diverse array of partners and clients we work with, so we’ve designed a custom reporting system that makes use of the above tagging process so you can see whatever data you need to, whenever you need it.

A report on the pass/fail rate of IT contractors is useful in a top-level way, but not particularly insightful if you’re looking to really drill down into stats. Want to know the pass/fail rate of important contractors engaged in Manchester who have brown hair and an American accent? As long as the relevant tags are set, you’ll be able to with this update. You’ll also be able to export the raw data as a .CSV file which will give you even greater flexibility in manipulating (and getting mileage out of) your data.

Bulk Upload

Another highly requested usability feature in the run-up to the April 2021 reform. This update will allow you to add all of your contractor information in one fell swoop, allowing you to quickly start adding assessments to their profiles and getting your IR35 process underway.

Have a suggestion for a feature or update to the Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool? We’re all ears. You can contact us by phone on 01242 808 740, or pop an email over to

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