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IR35 Webinar: APSCo`s Insights Post-April

Kingsbridge are delighted to be welcoming Tania Bowers, General Counsel and Head of Public Policy at APSCo, to our next…

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Kingsbridge are delighted to be welcoming Tania Bowers, General Counsel and Head of Public Policy at APSCo, to our next webinar. In this must-see event for recruiters, Tania will be joined by Kingsbridge’s Business Development Director Andy Robinson to discuss how APSCo and their members have prepared for and adapted to new IR35 rules, as well as the general shifts in recruitment trends over the past few years prompted by external factors like Brexit and coronavirus. The webinar will be chaired by Ryan Dawson, Kingsbridge’s IR35 Project Manager, and we’ll be covering:

-How APSCo members have responded to IR35.

-What processes have recruiters put in place to ensure IR35 compliance?

-The future: what will the recruitment industry look like over the next few years?

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Tania Bowers

Tania heads up APSCo’s legal services team, advising members on how to deal with legal and regulatory changes that affect the recruitment and staffing industries. She’s a trained solicitor and has over two decades of experience working in the professional staffing sector. Her team also produces guidance and materials to support recruiters on legal matters, including model contracts, and runs APSCo’s legal services helpline. In her dual role as Head of Public Policy, Tania can also be found lobbying the government, MPs and other changemakers about issues that affect the recruitment and staffing industry. We’re thrilled to have such an experienced professional with unique legal insight into the position of the industry as a whole join us on this call to support our recruitment partners.


Many recruitment firms will already be very familiar with APSCo – the Association of Professional Staffing Companies. They’re the membership body for the recruitment industry and are dedicated to representing the interests of professional recruitment firms of all sizes and specialisms. Their remit for supporting the sector is huge, ranging from training, promoting the industry, lobbying for change, raising the public profile of recruitment, supporting members with legal compliance and providing practical help and support on matters such as accountancy. Kingsbridge are long-time APSCo Affiliates and we recognise the vital work that they do to support our recruitment partners.

In the webinar, Tania will give us an overview of what APSCo’s role is and how the organisation has adapted over the past few years. We’ll get the lowdown on how the membership has reacted to IR35 – the challenges that recruiters have faced and what APSCo’s advice to them has been. We’ll also get some insight into the top FAQs that come up on APSCo’s legal helpline (and Tania’s expert answers) so that recruiters can see what similar organisations are struggling with.

APSCo’s position gives them a unique oversight as to both the legal responsibilities of the industry under IR35 and how the industry has prepared for and reacted to those changes. Tania will talk us through some of the common pathways of IR35 process that recruiters have put in place to ensure compliance with the new rules. We’ll get her view on things like contractor insurance, IR35 solutions and status disagreements. She’ll also fill us in on what she thinks best practice looks like in the new era of IR35 business as usual, giving some essential dos and don’ts for recruiters.

IR35 is here to stay

IR35 is here to stay and is now part of the daily consideration and operations of any staffing business. Our panel will use their informed expertise to anticipate how the world of contracting might change over the next couple of years and what this will mean for recruitment businesses. We’ll look at the pros and cons of Statement of Work (SOW) models, which might be an attractive option for end clients under the new rules. Make sure your recruitment firm doesn’t get left behind by understanding how contracting and staffing is likely to evolve over the next few years.

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Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to get an expert’s perspective on this pivotal moment in the staffing industry. With Tania’s experience in supporting members and her legal expertise, and the Kingsbridge team’s insight into the needs and motivations of the highly skilled contractor workforce, this webinar is sure to offer valuable advice and guidance for any recruiters or partners involved in trying to attract and retain top contracting talent now that IR35 is business as usual. Places on our webinar are free, and there will also be the opportunity for attendees to submit their questions to the panel. Attendees will also receive a special link to view a recording of the webinar after the event, so it’s there for you to refer to if you need it or to share with your team. Book your place now using our easy online form.

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