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What do you read? Fiction, history, biographies? I doubt many of us would have “Business Guides” or “Self Improvement” titles…

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What do you read? Fiction, history, biographies? I doubt many of us would have “Business Guides” or “Self Improvement” titles at the top of our reading list, but if you can make the time, there are a few publications out there which could be really relevant and actually change your perspective on what creates a successful freelancer.

We’ve put together a reading list for contractors (including a couple of magazines and online publications if you really don’t have much time to spare) which, we believe, could help your freelance business grow or at least make sure you stay up to date with the industry news that could have a direct impact on you and your business.


This book was a New York Times bestseller and promises to show you a faster, easier and better way to succeed in business than your bog standard advice. It preaches focus and perspective. Advocating focus on the “bigger picture” and money-making activities, rather than worrying about the little things.

You can buy the book here.

Authors: Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

The 4-Hour Workweek

Why did you start freelancing? A better work-life balance by any chance? It’s one of the top reasons cited by newcomers to the contracting and freelance market. In reality the commitment needed to be a successful contractor or freelancer can overshadow everything else in your life. The 4-Hour Week seeks to teach you ways to reduce your work hours to a possible 4 hours a week! It discusses reducing 50% of your work flow by outsourcing, eliminating emails and other techniques. Sounds like fiction? Why not give it a go and let us know how you get on.

You can buy the book here.

Author: Timothy Ferriss

Freelancing Matters

If you haven’t already discovered it, Freelancing Matters is available in print and online. It’s created by PCG and covers the latest news and information for freelancers and contractors.

The business blogs include information and advice on a variety of topics including managing your finances, technology, inspiration and start-up help. They also feature blogs on lifestyle and politics and have a weekly market report of the freelancing sector.

Freelancer Magazine

Freelancer magazine focuses on many of the same topics as Freelancing Matters. The website layout may not be the best but their blogs are informative and helpful and they frequently have guest posts which give a great change of perspective.

Read it here.

The Freelance Business Funnel

This is one for established freelancers who, although work is steady and finances are secure, may be struggling to keep everything else together and truly expand their business. Branding, blogging, optimizing the business all take a lead in this book. If you need help scaling your business this is the one to read.

Download this book for Kindle, PC or other devices here.

Author: Skellie

If you’ve read any of the books featured, we’d love to see your reviews via the comments box or perhaps you have a title of your own to recommend to a fellow freelancer or contractor?

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