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7 must-have gifts for the freelancer in your life

What do you get someone who works for themselves? If you’re looking for a gift that offers productivity or practicality…

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What do you get someone who works for themselves? If you’re looking for a gift that offers productivity or practicality and slots into their freelancing lifestyle perfectly, we might have some inspiration for you!

Check out these seven gifts, perfect for the freelancer in your life!

A desk tidy

Sounds so boring, right? But we don’t mean a desk tidy that’s simply a paper tray and a pencil pot. You can get a desk tidy that sits nicely along the bottom of any monitor. Find one with the most useful elements for your freelance friend.

Many come with clip-on document holders, cup holders, pen and pencil holders – some even come with micro SD card slots. Hunt around for the one your freelancer will get the most out of.

A tidy desk = a tidy mind!

USB plug-in cup warmer

These are both quirky and practical gifts. You can get USB warmers in all shapes and sizes – some look like cupcakes, others like a big Oreo! And the best part? It’s actually useful! You could be typing away or working deep into a project and completely forget about your tea on the side slowly getting stone cold.

With the USB plugin cup warmer that’ll never happen! Perfect.

Desk light

Freelancing isn’t your typical 9-5 job. This can mean if you want a day off or a lie-in you have to put the hours in at another time, sometimes well into the dark evenings. And, as it’s winter, it’s so important to make sure eyes aren’t strained trying to read a desktop computer or laptop screen.

There are many funky desk lamps that are both LED – so they stay bright for longer – or battery-powered. This means regardless of where your friend is working around their house, they’ll always have the perfect light source to get the job done!

USB adaptor

Particularly when working from a laptop, you can run out of USB ports quite quickly. If you have a plugin mouse and keyboard, you might have used them all up already. Give your friend a USB adaptor – these can offer three USB ports from just the one.

A laptop bag

A laptop bag that offers somewhere for business cards to neatly slot into, zips and pockets and padded compartments, is a must-have for any freelancer. Try and find one that isn’t too difficult to carry to meetings, that’s stylish  – and comfortable to wear too.

New mug

As a freelancer, you can make cups of tea and coffee whenever you please (if you’re working from home that is.) So a new mug is a great present for them! You can never have too many mugs.

Phone holder

Clicking that home button to see whether someone has responded to a text or a voicemail can distract you no end. Having a phone holder that neatly sits on your desk and is easy to see is a great solution to a common problem.

Any gift that makes freelancing life that little bit more productive and enjoyable is a winner!

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