5 must-have apps for freelancers

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Author: Kingsbridge
22 Jun 2020 @ 07:46 am

As a freelancer, apps can become an integral part of your working day. They can help you become more organised and more productive. And without a manager looking over your shoulder or a team around to support you and help deliver tasks it can be tough to stay motivated.

Here are five of our favourite apps that you might find useful:

Toggl is an invaluable tool that helps any freelancer organise their day, produce client reports and track their time with ease. This free application will help to keep you highly organised.

In the app you can search for past work you’ve delivered for your clients, helping you to keep on top of pricing continuity. If your client turns around and asks what work they received for their 12-hour contract, for example, you can simply filter your report results and download them as a PDF. The reports are not only easy to produce but they look highly professional, too.

This is a must-have tool for any freelance copywriter or proof-reader. This app helps you edit your own work so that it’s clean, simple and easy to read. As a freelancer, you’re mainly working alone, perhaps from your home office. And without another pair of eyes to read over your work, tools such as Hemingway become very handy.

The tool gives your writing a grade, so you can easily monitor how much you’re improving each time you paste it into the window. This tool is essential!

Another must-have tool for the creative freelancer is Grammarly. Again, not as a substitute for your own eyes, but perfect for a second glance. It can pick up on incorrectly used punctuation, words that just don’t make sense and general spelling mistakes.

Some of the words suggested by the tool won’t always make sense in the context of your work, so don’t just accept all changes. It’s important to thoroughly read through your work yourself.

When you get a great idea for a design or a piece of content, jotting it down on a piece of paper, or sending yourself a text, usually means the note gets forgotten about. But with Evernote, you can add notes whenever you think of them and it can sync across all of your devices.

This tool is perfect for capturing all those good ideas that you might otherwise have forgotten about by the end of the day.

Accounting isn’t something that comes naturally to many freelancers. When you’re starting out you’ve got to learn so many new skills. But wouldn’t it be great if you could just focus on getting new business and delivering great results to your clients? FreshBooks simplifies accounting so you can do just that.

The app is a piece of cloud accounting software that can help you with invoicing, estimating, expenses, payments and much more.

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