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4 must-know tips from seasoned freelancers

If you’re new to freelancing or contracting and you’re after some advice from seasoned professionals then today’s your lucky day! We…

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If you’re new to freelancing or contracting and you’re after some advice from seasoned professionals then today’s your lucky day!

We recently took some time to gather a few of the best tips a new freelancer or contractor could possibly wish for.

We spoke to a number of contractors and freelancers who have all been there and done it. Read on for their advice.

Daniel Wilson – IT Contractor | Wilson-Etheridge IM Solutions

  • Aim Low: conquer the small hurdles first. Like a skyscraper the foundations you create build your future.
  • Reputation is your best asset when starting out alone, don’t get greedy.
  • I set my foundations doing free work for charities, as well as providing my skill set free of charge. I started to build my reputation, creating my first layer of foundations.

Sarah Henderson | Freelance Copywriter and Proofreader

My piece of advice to a new freelancer would be, make sure you pick a good working environment for yourself. Don’t just assume you can work on the sofa in front of your TV – although, if you can, then great!

You may find working at the kitchen table is fine, or you may need to set up an office in your spare bedroom. There are also options like working at your local library or renting some co-working space which can be helpful if you prefer to work out of the house.

Once you have the right environment, it’s relatively easy to work efficiently and distraction-free!

Nic Morgan – Freelance Video Producer | Creative Pie Films


When you first start a business or go it alone you need to get yourself out there! One way is through networking. It’s essential, but it’s also a minefield.

Make sure you find the right networking activity for you. Don’t be drawn in by figures and the amount of business that’s passed each week as I almost was.

Find one you can be yourself at! People will invest in you over your business so be true to yourself.

If you are a creative get yourself in with other creatives from different disciplines.

I have met and made some ace friends on LinkedIn who I regularly meet for a cup of tea (without paying a yearly subscription.)

I’m still finding my way after two years but I’m getting wiser to the “too good to be true” networking opportunities.

Right, go and get yourself out there!

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