Terms & Conditions

Duty of Disclosure

You are reminded of your duty of disclosure.

You must make a fair presentation of the risk to us at inception, renewal and variation of your policy. This means that you must tell us about all facts and circumstances which may be material to the risks covered by the policy and that you must not misrepresent any material facts.

A material fact is one which would influence the acceptance or assessment of the risk. If you have any doubt about facts considered material, it is in your interest to disclose them to us.

You acknowledge that you are entering into an annual contract of insurance with the participating insurers and if you cancel after your 14 days cooling off period, the full premium is due. Failure to pay the insurance premium in full will affect your indemnity under the policy and you will be subject to debt collection provisions.

This is a non-advised insurance sale which means that it is up to you to decide if the policy is suitable for you and meets your requirements.

Full details of the cover are available in the policy documents.

By continuing you confirm your understanding, you are happy with the summary of cover provided and would like to purchase based on the information given.

Your Suitability for Our Policy

The cover is not suitable for the following:

  • Any surveyors involved in commercial or residential building surveys & valuations
  • Surveyors holding a current RICS membership (click here for details of how we can help)
  • Persons involved in the design of aircraft or parts thereof and with primary responsibility (please click here for our specific guidance note on what we can cover)
  • Persons working in a medical treatment capacity for which they require cover
  • Persons working in the USA or Canada (click here for details of how we can help)

Your Eligibility for Our Policy

Suitability Declaration

This online cover is suitable for UK registered Limited Companies:-

  • With 1 Director who holds 50% or more of the share capital in that company and with no other employees (other than family members).
  • Operated by UK Nationals
  • Operated by Foreign Nationals providing they work exclusively in the UK

This online cover is also suitable for Sole Traders resident in the UK.