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Do you work in the media and creative fields? Are you a freelancer, a contractor, or a small business owner? If so, then you know that your work poses some unique challenges.

As contractor insurance specialists, we provide policies for individuals and small businesses, including many creative and media professionals. We understand the way you work and your priorities. Ours is a creative and media insurance package built upon extensive  industry knowledge and experience.

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What is media and creative contractor insurance?

Media and creative contractor insurance is a specialist policy tailored to self-employed professionals working in creative fields.

The media and creative industry encompasses a multitude of professions ranging from photographers, filmmakers, video producers, and animators to lighting technicians and sound engineers. In addition, there are web developers, designers, illustrators, writers, and editors. Social media, advertising, marketing, and PR consultants are also part of this booming sector.

With so many different trades involved, we’ve designed a single, all-encompassing insurance package for creative and media professionals. Of course, you could use your precious time tracking down all the different types of cover you need, but here’s a much better idea: get them all in a single affordable and easy-to-manage solution from Kingsbridge.


What does media and creative contractor insurance cover?

Kingsbridge standard cover includes all the following policies:

Professional Indemnity insurance

Up to £1 million on any single claim. This cover is relevant for service-based businesses, such as those in the media and creative sector. It covers legal fees and compensation costs if you’re accused of making a mistake or providing an inadequate service that costs the client money. The quality of work and advice that creative and media professionals offer is usually subjective, so the risk of such cases is higher than for other business types.

Public Liability insurance

Up to £5 million for any single claim. This insurance provides cover for damage to third-party property or injury to third-party persons. Plus, it covers any legal fees that may arise from any claims you have to defend.

Employers’ Liability insurance

Up to £10 million on any single claim. This covers your business against legal and compensation expenses incurred if an employee becomes ill or sustains an injury while working for you, for which you are held liable.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance

Up to £100,000 on any single claim and in the aggregate. Cover for company directors and managers if legal action is taken against them in-person rather than through the company.

Occupational Personal Accident cover

This insurance offers protection if you suffer an injury while working. It could be significant if you’re unable to pursue your business or earn an income, offering:

  • Up to £500 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks.
  • £100,000 death benefit.
  • £50,000 disability benefit.

Business Equipment Insurance

This insurance covers any valuable equipment you use in the course of work. Whether you use cameras and lighting gear or high-specification computers, we will cover the replacement if it breaks, up to a value of £10,000.


Optional add on cover:

Do you still need more? Our media and creative insurance offers protection in any event, so you can focus on doing a great job. What’s more, you can also include breaches of confidentiality or contract and unintentional libel or slander to your package.

IR35 insurance and Legal expenses cover

Kingsbridge IR35 Insurance protects contractors from the risk of being subjected to an IR35 investigation by HMRC. Defence costs and potential penalties can be crippling. As such, this cover includes legal expenses cover relating to tax, NIC and PAYE investigations, plus a debt recovery service.

Cyber liability insurance

It is crucial to protect yourself and your clients’ data from breaches and other cyber risks. Kingsbridge cyber liability insurance is available as an add-on to your contractor insurance package, and provides cover for:

  • Business interruption costs (£20,000)
  • System and data rectification costs (£100,000)
  • Regulatory defence and penalties (£25,000)
  • Cyber extortion and ransom costs (£25,000)

Cyber cover also provides access to ReSecure, a dedicated helpline and specialist cyber incident report service. ReSecure ensures you have 24/7 access to a team of experienced professionals who are on hand to help if things ever go wrong.


Does Kingsbridge media and creative insurance cover your occupation?

We have the flexibility to help individuals and businesses working in the creative and media industries—from designers to social media professionals, photographers to TV execs, and those in film production. Our tailored insurance package also covers broadcast engineers, web developers, marketing consultants, event organisers, and people working in public relations.


Why is insurance so vital for media and creative contractors?

This ever-changing sector employs more than 2 million people and is always at the cutting edge of technology. As such, you’ll often advise clients to trust your skills and take a chance on doing things differently. That’s why your job demands a uniquely tailored approach to business insurance, that protects you from the real risk of legal action and compensation claims, as well as damage to expensive tools and equipment. Additionally, insurance is often necessary to comply with client demands, regulations, or professional bodies.


Why choose Kingsbridge?

  • We are specialist insurers of sole traders, freelancers, and small businesses, so we understand how you work
  • Our media and creative contractor insurance is available as part of a single package that combines professional indemnity, public liability, employers’ liability, directors’ and officers’ protection and personal accident cover
  • Purchasing and holding proper insurance is not only important to protect your business and livelihood, but it can also help to reassure HMRC that you are IR35 compliant
  • You’ll have cover from the instant you’ve purchased your insurance. We’ll email your policy documents immediately, so you can show them to agencies or end clients to prove that you’re insured
  • Premiums are competitive and have no hidden fees or charges
  • A-rated insurers underwrite all Kingsbridge insurance policies
  • If you can find equivalent insurance cover at a lower price, we’ll beat it*. That’s thanks to our price promise

You can get a quote in a matter of minutes on our site, or by calling our dedicated client services team on 01242 808740.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are media and creative contractors required to have insurance by law?
  • The only type of business insurance mandatory under UK law is employers’ liability cover. This cover is a legal requirement for most businesses that employ staff, even on a casual basis—if your spouse or partner helps with the bookkeeping or occasional admin, for example. However, our media and creative insurance policy offers additional protection for contractors that could save you thousands of pounds.

    If you have a substitution clause in your contract with your client, this allows you to send a substitute to work in your place if you are unwell and unable to work. Employers’ liability insurance covers this substitute worker if you are held liable for an accident or injury that they sustain in the workplace.


  • How much does media and creative contractor insurance cost?
  • The price will vary depending on what you choose to cover. Things like the nature of the work you do, your businesses turnover and the size of your business will affect the cost of cover.