How recruiters can prepare for 2022

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Lauren Wallace-Thompson
22 Dec 2021 @ 10:20 am
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Well…what a year that was, recruiters! We started the year in a miserable COVID lockdown, spent spring dealing with the introduction of new off-payroll regs, and had a summer to remember as we were all reunited at last. But now, the winter has brought us some unwelcome Christmas presents in the form of a new Omicron variant. We’re back in uncertain times again. Knowing all this, we thought it would be helpful to put together a blog sharing what we think recruiters can do now to get ready for next year. With so much up in the air, what can recruiters do to prepare for 2022? 

Revise your IR35 compliance and insurance 

IR35 was our hottest topic of 2021, with the new off-payroll working rules being introduced at the start of April. While we all – recruiters, contractors and end clients alike – focused our energies on getting things ready for the big changes, now that IR35 is here to stay, we can’t get complacent about it. It’s important to make sure that your processes are running smoothly and things don’t slip, or you might end up being investigated by HMRC.  

As end clients begin to get comfortable with the new rules and look at what their competitors are doing, it’s also possible that some of the more risk-averse clients who began by making blanket inside determinations are having second thoughts. Curious about seeing what they can do to attract the best contracting talent, some might now be tempted to begin dipping their toes back in the water of creating genuine “outside” contracting opportunities. Recruiters who have their systems for compliance in place and running smoothly will be well placed to support these clients on their journey, especially if they can offer the reassurance of an independent, professional status assessment like the Kingsbridge Status Tool. Take a look at our blog from earlier this year if you’d like more tips on making sure your IR35 processes hold up in the long term. 

Check your cyber protections 

Cybercrime and fraud remain an ongoing threat as we move into the new year, and criminals are getting ever-more sophisticated in their methods. There’s no way to make yourself and your recruitment business completely safe from cybercrime, but there are lots of things you can do to reduce the risks. The beginning of the year is a good chance to have a refresher with everyone on the team about cyber security, review your policies and make sure that compliance hasn’t slipped. Some staff training could help, as well as reviewing the latest advice on cybercrime to make sure you are aware of the techniques being employed by criminals. Cyber liability insurance is also an option if you want to make sure you’re protected from the risks. Find out our top 6 tips for protecting your company from cybercrime in our blog

Review your onboarding processes 

The imposition of Plan B by the government means that once again there is a “work from home if you can” mandate. This is a good time to make sure that your onboarding processes work remotely, and make any tweaks to prevent contractors and your staff from having to come into the office unnecessarily. We put together a guide on how to review your onboarding practices post-COVID that might be useful for businesses trying to find a good middle ground. Remember that the requirement for in-person right-to-work checks has been postponed and you can keep doing these remotely until April 2022 at least. 

Work from home and office balance 

With the latest COVID news, you might also be needing to consider how you can balance working from home and in-office working as we move into 2022. We’ve coped with WFH before, and we can do it again, even if we do miss seeing our colleagues as something more than a small box on Zoom. If you have a core essential team in the office, and everyone else remote working, communications can get strained. We put together a blog of top tips for how recruiters can balance team working remotely and in the office earlier this year, which might be useful to revisit as the regulations shift again.   

Consider your environmental impact 

The inspiring speeches at COP26 and our knowledge of the need for urgent action on climate change have made us think about what changes we might be able to make to ensure our businesses are being kind to the environment. Little actions by lots of people add up to a big impact, so have a think about how you can make your recruitment business greener. Changes on a company level often have a bigger net result than individual changes, so it’s worth getting your whole team behind creating a positive environmental policy for your recruitment business. We’ve put together some ideas to get you started on our blog

Whatever you are doing to prepare for 2022, remember Kingsbridge is always here to support our recruitment partners, be that with IR35 compliance, consultancy, or getting your contractors sorted with our comprehensive insurance package – and you can earn great rewards too. Get in touch with our partnerships team now to see how we can work together in 2022 and beyond.