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Lauren Wallace-Thompson
28 Apr 2021 @ 09:01 am
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All the focus on IR35 recently has been a bit overwhelming and can detract from why you became a recruiter in the first place, what’s really important about the industry: people and their stories. As we rushed to get ready for the reforms, we might also have forgotten to keep in touch with what’s going on in the recruitment world more broadly. For both of these reasons, this article is here to advocate for the humble blog, so here are seven top-notch recruitment blogs – and why you should be reading them. 

Keeping up with the landscape via blogs is a good way to build in a bit of breathing space into your day or week. We can’t sustain going at top speed all the time, so give your brain a bit of rest, sit back from those emails for just half an hour and absorb some of the wisdom of others. We love to start each morning with a cup of coffee and a clear head in front of our favourite blogs, but you can build them into your day however suits you. Perhaps a cheeky 11am slice of cake and some food for thought? Or you can use it as your transition between work and rest, more important than ever while lots of us are still working from home. In this article, we’ve curated a list of our top recruitment blogs that we think you should check in on regularly. We promise that taking five with one of these means you’ll come back to the next task revived and refreshed, and in the meantime, you’ll have enhanced your wider view of the industry, be anticipating new challenges and spotting new opportunities and trends before anyone else in your organisation does. 

Barclay Jones 

The Barclay Jones blog has a bold and bright colour scheme, and content to match. This blog is packed with tips and hacks from recruitment training and strategy specialists, with a huge focus on what integrating with tech can do for recruitment businesses. They’re big on productivity and time-saving, and all their blogs are full of stats so that you know that what they’re suggesting actually works. If you’re using platforms like Adapt, Bullhorn or Herefish, it’s definitely worth taking a look here to see what hacks they can offer for using them more efficiently. There’s also lots of video content for people who prefer to take in information that way, or for sharing with colleagues. 

Recruitment Juice 

Recruitment Juice blogs are written by recruiters, for recruiters, giving them a human edge that’s missing from some other recruitment news outlets. We love the wide-ranging choice of topics that tap into the social and cultural contexts that recruitment happens in, such as mental healthhiring refugees and internal biases. After all, lots of us got into recruitment because we love working with people, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that people bring their whole selves to work with them – that includes contractors, end clients and recruiters alike. This blog is US-based, so some of the legal and professional contexts will be slightly different, but much of the underlying insight holds true for UK-based recruiters. It’s also a good way to get perspective on how things work over the pond if your portfolio includes international placements and hires. 


ETZ specialise in back-office technology for recruiters, so as you might expect their blog has a big focus on practicality and the day-to-day experience of being a recruiter – it’s grounded in reality. We also love how ETZ get under the skin of news stories and hypothesize about what the impact on recruiters will be, helping us anticipate how to react to a potentially world-changing development like AI or something smaller, but still significant, like returning to the office as COVID restrictions lift. They update the blog weekly so make sure you check back in regularly for new content. 


JobHoller, an offshoot of tech recruiters Searchability, specialises in employer branding and has worked with some big names to engage top talent. Their blog is mostly aimed at end clients looking to improve their profile and attractiveness to employees, but we think it’s a really good model for how recruiters could think about addressing their content to end clients. The tone is upbeat, the advice is broken down into digestible chunks and they try to anticipate what will be on the minds of end clients, such as in this article on “Ways to show your support for employees during lockdown”. 


With bold titles like “Why you can’t hire and staff keep leaving” and “The right way to start a recruitment company”, the blog from recruitment recruiters Hunted pulls zero punches – and we like it that way. Irreverent, witty and informative, Hunted’s content is put together by a team of talented writers and is always an enjoyable read. They even have their own satirical columnist, Ed Hunter

The Undercover Recruiter 

From the team behind the Employer Brand Index comes The Undercover Recruiter. While it’s not as salacious as the title might suggest, it is jam-packed full of solid advice and insight to recruiters and end clients navigating tricky waters. It’s regularly updated and so can touch on changing situations as they develop, such as in this blog on “How employee benefits will change post-flexible working”. It’s not the flashiest of blogs, design-wise, but substance wins out over style in this case. 

Kingsbridge Knowledge Hub 

And, last, but definitely not least, we have to fly the flag for our very own Kingsbridge Knowledge Hub. We use our knowledge of the contractor marketplace and our IR35 expertise to write informative blogs that will help recruiters understand and anticipate the needs and desires of the highly skilled professional contractor workforce. Our blog is updated at least once a week with reflections on industry newshow-to guides and details of our training events like IR35 webinars. If you want to see things from the other side and get some insight into what issues your contractors are facing at the moment, you can even sneak a peek at our contractor-focused blogs. Shhh, we won’t tell! 

This is not a sponsored article and neither Kingsbridge nor our staff has received any kind of promotional gifts or payment for featuring the above websites.