Why getting insurance is a bit like getting your flu jab

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Author: Kingsbridge
22 Jun 2020 @ 07:46 am

Flu season is upon us, and once again the NHS is hard at work convincing us to get our flu jab. The flu jab is offered for free to over 65s, people with certain medical conditions, pregnant women, and children aged 2-10. People outside these groups can pay to have the jab privately to get protected.

As newspaper after newspaper publishes articles urging us to get vaccinated, we started to think about how getting your flu jab is a bit like organizing insurance for your business: in your head, it seems like a big, scary, unnecessary expense and a pain to organize, but in reality, it is over quickly, easy to arrange, cheaper than you imagine, and protects you from a far worse alternative.

It protects not just you, but the people around you

One of the most compelling arguments for the flu vaccine is that it will not only stop you from getting ill but that herd immunity helps protect the vulnerable, including immunosuppressed people who may not be able to have the jab themselves. It’s the same with good business insurance.

Kingsbridge’s all-in-one package includes professional indemnity insurance and occupational personal accident cover to protect you and public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance to protect everyone around you.

It seems like a hassle, but it’s easy to arrange and over quickly

Having your flu jab doesn’t have to mean making a GP appointment in the middle of a weekday, missing valuable work time, and having to trek to the surgery. You can get it from pharmacies and even in many supermarkets – combine with the weekly shop to save time!

Similarly, our all-in-one insurance package is simple to understand and can be put in place quickly with a short phone call to 01242 808740 or an online quote.

It’s cheaper than you expect

While the NHS website says that the flu jab can cost up to £20, there’s no need to pay anywhere near this amount. It’s widely available for under £10 from chemists, especially in the big supermarkets.

Similarly, many people are pleased to find out that our insurance rates are guaranteed by our Price Promise, which means that you get the best value cover for the lowest possible price.

It’s far better than the alternative

A few seconds of discomfort vs. weeks laid up off work with a horrible flu virus – it’s kind of a no-brainer! It’s the same with insurance. Ten minutes on the phone with one of our friendly advisors could save huge amounts of stress, time, and money in the future if something goes wrong in the course of your business.

It’s tailored

The flu jab is specially tweaked each flu season to cover the strains that the World Health Organization predicts will be most prevalent in the coming winter season (this is why you have to get it every year to have proper protection).

Similarly, our insurance is tailored especially for contractors and freelancers. We specialize in understanding and looking after clients just like you, which means we can offer you the very best protection for your business.